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I can not find out from the inadequate documentation what the native frequency is. I think I just got a lemon And I bought it from a colleague who implied that a refund would not be forthcoming if it did not work with a Mac. I did check what resolution the Apple boot up screen was as this was the only thing that displays and it was x and even when I set the Mac to this it still does not work. Also, the monitor works with the PC when the PC is x 60Hz but will not work with the Mac at the same settings.

I am not knowledgable on these things but is it only the Vertical Frequency that is important? Horizontal frequency does not seem to figure. Thanks again, John. Have contacted the manufacturer. They advised to do the same as you i. And it still does not work. I have tried a variety of other resolutions and frequencies and I still get the "Out of Range" message.

Monitors flickering and “Input Signal Out of Range"

One thing I did notice is that using my working monitor Samsung SyncMaster D , my Mac seems to have created a "profile" for it in Displays. I don't know whether it is still using this profile when I connect the new monitor or not - could I delete this profile somehow and then start afresh with the new monitor to see if that works? The technical support guy at Avixe did say though that they do have people successfully using this monitor with Macs did not specify if that was Mac Mini though.

If you cannot resolve the problem: This is, apparently, a brand new monitor that is not working as advertised. Web site says it works with OS 9 or higher, I would take it back to the store and get my money back or a replacement. If you have the same problem with the replacement, get your money back. A neighbor had a similar problem with an LCD monitor.

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It would work on the son's PC but not on her Mac. The son purchased an identical monitor of his own. It worked on the PC and the Mac.

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Go figure P. Waste of Money. Mind if I ask you a couple more questions? I am new to Mac - only bought this Mac mini last week and have tried calling Apple support and all I got was a big phone bill and no useful info. All the disks have had data on before - some have photos that where burnt on from a PC and some have been used to record TV programmes on a standalone Philips DVD Recorder but these disks have subsequently beed Erased on the recorder. For some reason, the program is now appearing as a drive in Finder. When I try to Eject it, I get a message to say that it is in use.

Can you explain what is happening - as I say, I am new to Mac and have only used Windows before. Some other questions.

Mac mini "Out of Range" Problem with Monitor - Forums - CNET

What you are seeing in the finder is the Disk Image that you are supposed to double click and install the Thunderbird program from. Try installing TB from the image, and then eject the image.

If you have already done that, quit from all apps and then drag the image from the desktop into the trash. I'm not sure what the DVD problem is. If you didn't get that option, then the DVD will only Read disks. You need to check that out first before we go off on a tangent. Take a look at the System Profiler and let us know what it says for the optical drive.

Go beat the guy up for your money back on the monitor. Thunderbird and other stuff. Thanks - tried what you suggested re. Thunderbird, but still get it showing up as a drive on my desktop when I start the application. Is that what should happen? The only place that there should be a Thunderbird icon is in the dock. Take a look inside your applications folder, or wherever you think you installed Thunderbird, and see if the app name ends in anything other than app.

I still think that what is happening is that you are launching the disk image, which appears on the desktop as an icon that looks like a hard drive. What happens when you double click on the thing on the desktop? The following, from the Thunderbird website, is what I think you missed in the installation process.

How to fix screen out of range (worked with all windows OS version)

I could be wrong but the symptoms are the same: Double click the Thunderbird 1. Your browser may have already done this for you. Double click the Thunderbird Disk Image to open it in Finder and drag the Thunderbird application onto your hard disk. Do not double click the icon in the disk image! Be sure to drag the Thunderbird application out of the disk image and onto your Hard Disk before running it.

Drag the icon to your Dock if you want it to appear there. EndQuote I think you have the disk image.

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Just a thought. Let me know P. Your MiniMac may be factory pre-set to the wide screen resolution used for the 22" monitor, which I think is X Your best bet might be to find someone who has a wide monitor, go there, hook your MiniMac to that monitor, then, if it boots all the way through go into your "Monitor" Control Panel and reduce the default screen resolution setting to X , which will run on any monitor larger than 13 inches.

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The other problem is that the monitor may not be compatible with your MiniMac because it runs at too high a power setting, like 90Hz or greater, and the message means that the power requirement is too high for the range the computer can safely boot. Sort of like trying to get a volt appliance to run off a volt power supply. If that's the case, then you've got a bone to pick with Avixe. Click on that, and it will give you all the various screen resolutions -- for example my older G3's Control Strip monitor resolution pop-up gives me this list: But I'll use that Control Strip button whenever I encounter a web page, picture or multimedia presentation that can't entirely fit on my screen to switch it over to the X , It makes everything on the screen look much smaller, but then I can correctly view all of the big screen formats.

Just as a hunch, before you carry your MiniMac to the nearest wide screen monitor, try booting with all the extensions off.

Mac mini "Out of Range" Problem with Monitor

On your Mac, all you may need to hold down is just the Shift key. Try that first. You can release the keys as soon as you get that "Welcome If you get a completed start-up then, without the "Out of Range" message, you've definitely got a screen resolution problem. It may be one of those rare "Catch 22" situations though where you can't change the monitor's resolution settings without the extensions being on.

But, if so, at least you'll know what's up and what to do about it, the first part of this , and be no worse off than before. If the computer is displaying out of range because of a driver issue, reboot the computer while holding "F8. For most video cards, reinstalling the video cards is as simple as running a program. If you know a driver works well with your computer, back it up to a safe place. The computer reverts to the last used resolution after 15 seconds. After you hear the startup noise, hold down the "Shift" key.

After the Mac has booted, choose a new resolution in "Display" under "System Preferences. In Ubuntu, at a command prompt, delete the "monitors. Helen White has been a writer for more than 15 years. Her papers have been presented at conferences in both the United States and Europe and she has written several technical guides for various computer issues.

White holds a doctorate in music from the University of Washington. Search Glass x.