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Page content loaded. Aug 29, 6: Once you have that, a bootable USB is unecesaary. Just keep a copy of the ML installer on the external, job done. Aug 29, 7: How is the flash drive formatted?

MacBook Pro Circle With Line Through It Fix

Also, why do you need to reinstall via internet recovery? Oct 6, 4: Crazy as it sounds but even though the mac is recognising the backup USB pen-drive it just refuses to boot from it. When you get to the spinning wheel and the grey circle with the line through it, simply unplug the USB drive and plug it back in. It will then autoboot from the USB drive no problem. I tried this 3 times and it worked every time. Communities Contact Support.

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Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: GreyWullf GreyWullf. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: Problems with Bootable USB After reading through many discussions I am now starting to wonder if I have 2 problems, but let's start with the original problem. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

When booting from USB, I get Circle with Line through it | MacRumors Forums

Thanks for Your Consideration. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Does it meet the system requirements for the operating system you are trying to install. The install may also be to old a download. It is a MacBook Pro. I actually installed a lower capacity HDD to see if I could get it to work.

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Installed a Gb drive. People say to me all the time, "Hey Mayer, you're really smart about this Mac stuff". Nah, Truth be known is that I just made the mistake first ;- Experience: I'm not sure what you are saying since everything I have in there meets the requirements. Let me start by saying the hard drive failed and I lost everything. Right when my old drive failed the only thing it would do it start up to a white screen.

I could hear the drive clicking and new what is was. I put a new drive in which is the GB. I feel like I am missing a step here and hope someone could guide me. I tried the option button and it does come up with the recovery option but as soon as I click it the circle with the slash comes up then the mac shuts off after about 30 seconds. Any ideas? Thank you. Where in the world did you find a GB hard drive? The maximum system you can use is El Capitan. Then install the system. If you have problems seeing the drive internally, you may need to replace the Hard drive IR cable. Ben benjamen S W avanteguarde.

If you have a fast internet connection, you can use Internet recovery. The only thing that works is just holding the option button down at start. Like I said in my post, once I click the recovery icon it goes back the circle with the slash. It will then shut off after about 30 seconds. Dan danj.

Self employed contract worker. If you don't have a working OS on the system you can't get access to the setting. Here you still need to backwind the date as well. Just remember to select your system as the target drive. Dean Wolf. January 7. For the past year or so, every time a new MacOS update rolls out, and is attempted to be installed on my MacBook, it ends up displaying the circle slash Prohibitory Symbol.

Rebooting still produces a prohibitory symbol. I have also tried: In the past, the only way i was able to get around the problem, is by re-formatting my HD, installing latest version of Mojave OS, and then migrating all my data from my TimeMachine backup. My computer automatically installed the update overnight, and in the morning, my screen was showing circle slash. However, one problem with that article is that the kextstat command is not available in Terminal utility running in recovery mode. First, pick Disk Utility, select your main disk and Mount it; this is required if your disk is encrypted and requires password to be mounted.

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    When booting from USB, I get Circle with Line through it

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