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XOcet wrote: You'd also need a mouse that switch devices. There's only one I know of, so far, but you're now talking about switching three different devices instead of just pressing one button.

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I guess if you're short on cash, go that route, but it's certainly not cheaper or easier to have to replace the keyboard and the mouse and still have to manually switch 3 different things. I've had better success with the Unifying receivers, as their protocol seems more resistant to radio interference. They're great mice too, otherwise.

A New Desk Setup for My Mac & PC

But a USB switch is probably a better solution. You could just get Logitech keyboard and Mouse with unifying receivers then route USB extension cords under monitor and tape them together with one computer on the left and the other on the right. Then you would just plug the unifying receiver from one USB to other to switch. Share monitor between Mac and PC 11 posts.

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They were very helpful. First, I established my "hot key" for toggling between the Mac and the PC by clear, - key, release - key, release clear needs to be done quickly in about two seconds. Then hit the T key. To switch between Mac and PC now hit the control key twice.

How to Build a Shared Monitor Setup for PC & Mac?

To follow up on this, the HDMI switching didn't work. No idea why, it just plain wouldn't display either through it. Could be a duff switch, but I'm not inclined to spend more effort on it as the mac minis days are now firmly numbered. Oh, and the Logitech MX Master mouse switching mode is sufficient for my needs in the mouse department, so that helps dongle to the NUC, bluetooth to the Mac. Moderator et Subscriptor. VEqualsIxR wrote:.

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Share monitor between Mac and PC

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