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Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google. To be less obtrusive I used an existing element of the slide before the looping slide to apply the hyperlink to the custom show. Any idea how to make it work in PowerPoint ? Thanks so much! You saved me a lot of time. I had to be ready for the dress rehearsal of a presentation, and had found tutorials that required setting up separate shows and linking them together. I did not have that kind of time, and was able to utilize your instructions within a matter of minutes!

This worked great in , but I really wish there were a less complicated way to do it.

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Having to mouse over or click to start the animation, and then having to ESC out of it to continue the presentation are pretty annoying… Props to you, not to MS. Thanks so much for this. And impressed my manager in the process! Nice tip, Today only it came into my mind and I googled and find your tip. Thanks a lot. Good Luck. Everything worked for me as scripted except I had to put the action link into slide 2 i wanted to loop slide 1 to get it to work the way I needed.

Just did this in and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for clear, concise, and wonderful directions!!! Really nice, ty. I also found that inserting an action button in the looping slide and linking it to the following slide prevents you from exiting the show. Hope being helpful AM.

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Are you able to add a transition? Is there a way of putting in a transition from the custom slide show back to the origional?

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  • Any suggestions? Thank you so much for this advice! It helped my slideshow a lot!

    Looping a slide with multiple animations – The Art of PowerPoint-ing

    This helped me out so much. Is there a way to loop the animation on a timed slide? So that the animation loops for the entire two minutes that the slide is scheduled timed for? Your email address will not be published. Post navigation Previous Post: Ovation Review. Next Post: The whole dek will look much better for it and it sidesteps the workaround of having to use the embedded presentations. It may be a lot of effort if it is a large deck, but in the long run Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Post Categories. Martial Arts. Evernote Overview.

    TextExpander TextExpander Overview. TextExpander Posts. Shell Commands. Workflow Workflow Overview. Getting Started. Examples by Date. Examples by Name. Jiu Jitsu. Find me on May 30 The approach Framing the problem in this way quickly lead me to wondering if there was a way to set up a parent-child relationship between slide decks. Embedded objects. Animations for OLE objects. Setting up a looping child presentation The first thing to do is to create your looping presentations.

    In the dialog window that appears set the option to "Loop continuously until ESC". Setting up the main presentation In your main presentation add in slides for each of the looping child presentations. Now repeat for each of the other embedded presentations and save your main presentation. Running the presentation When you run your presentation, you should find that each child presentation will automatically run and loop when you reach the slide on which it is embedded in your main presentation.

    Conclusion So that's the principles of how it works and a step-by-step guide to setting it up. Download the example multiple looping sets of slides PowerPoint files. Stephen Millard 19 Comments. Reader Comments 19 Hello, In the 'Insert Object' dialog window, after checking 'Create from file' option and selecting the file, it doesn't let me add it - this error message comes up: Any help would be appreciated. November 21, steph.

    Slide to Poster in PowerPoint 2008 (Mac)

    February 24, Stephen Millard. March 10, Chris lang. Does anyone know how to do something similar for powerpoint for mac? July 22, G Y. Thank you So much! This worked flawlessly!!! August 4, JCarr. Brilliant solution! Much better than the hiding slides method. April 25, d. July 22, Mike.

    Thk alot,.. August 11, M. Hi Mike. Regards, Stephen. August 23, Stephen Millard.

    Animated GIFs Don't Play in PowerPoint 2008

    September 2, Diana Lazzell. When I performed: Thanks, Suzanne. October 28, Suzanne. Powershell is what you want there!

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    December 14, Jo. Present your PowerPoint file, and use either automatic or triggered playback to start the movie. If you must start the movie yourself, click on the movie object to instigate playback. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Click on the "Slides" tab in the navigation pane of the Normal view of your presentation. Step 3 Set playback-start options for your movie.

    Step 4 Set presentation options for the movie. Step 5 Set a poster frame for your movie to determine what shows as its preview image.

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    • Step 6 Present your PowerPoint file, and use either automatic or triggered playback to start the movie. If you activate the "Link to File" check box in the Movie From File dialog box, you create a link to your movie file rather than embedding the footage within PowerPoint.