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English Japanese. Avid Knowledge Base. Mac OS X Support for Pro Tools For Mac OS X Blue screen after Eleven Rack has been uplugged from power supply Supports Windows 7, 8, 8. Supports Windows 7, 8, 8. Blue Screen first time launching some apps with Eleven Rack connected on Windows 8. Blue Screen after installing Eleven Rack driver v1. Hardware latency values are now reported with greater accuracy, allowing host applications to perform the best possible hardware latency compensation, Improved performance, Improved multi-client support, Miscellaneous bug fixes Added Windows 8 support Support for Pro Tools Windows XP and Windows 7.

Average Rating: I have a running 7. I have a lot of experience with computers, and am completely stumped with this. Is the supposed to be in the device manager? Because I do not see it anywhere. The weirdest thing is that, a day earlier, everything was working fine, and nothing had been changed since then. Does that mean that the FireWire drives are not toast?

Hi Pro tools LE 8. No marks in win XP sp3 system, driver updated to the latest 1. Connecting to several dif. USB ports still the same. Here is the funny part: It worked just fine, and I even did everything wrong during install.. What can I say.. Hi How to: Would any other version of PT be able to handle all my hardwares?

Why is the device not showing? Someone at the Avid forum suggested I try a different driver 1. At the end of my rope. Hope you can help me out! Per manuals, I have downloaded and installed latest drivers for AxiomPro, and then installed to fresh Windows 7. I have been successfully used this keyboard with FL Studio, and will shortly revert to that, if these problems wont disappear? Disappointed with Avid! However, Pro Tools 9 does not require an interface, it can run on your internal sound card — you might be eligible for an upgrade, not sure though.

Hopefully you can respond to one more. Just bought Protools 8 LE with Mbox. My Mbox lights up fine. Then get the latest drivers from avid. I havent changed anything! I have tried changing cables, re-installing drivers, changing USB ports…. I dont understand how it can work and then not!? I am using Windows 7. I can hear audio through it if i am listening to BFD2 for instance, although even the option for Mini Box has even been removed from the BDF2 audio device option?!

I tried everything, reinstalling, disabling in device manager, changing cables but still no joy. Do you think its a comflict? Thank you for your help. It worked fine for a while. The only way to fix it was to reinstall ProTools. A week later I got the same message: Does anyone know what to do? Can I download another driver? If yes: Which one and where can I found it? Held og lykke.

Sorry for the danish reply. I recently purchased a mac mini… I tried to load protools 8 le but got this error report Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded: I am highly disappointed with mac because you would think in all of this time, the glitches would be over and done with… If anyone know anything about my issue and could help with this, I would appreciate your help… thank you!!!!

Eleven Rack Expansion Pack Items Not Showing In Pro Tools Eleven Rack Editor Window

On the PC running XP, the drivers midi and audio show working properly as suggested at the top of this page. Strangest of all is I also have Logic 8 loaded on my Mac, and the Mbox 2 connects fine and works perfectly. I am a computer tech and struggled with this for 3 Hours, apparently there is a driver update that will make it work. Also, my post above is for the mbox mini for Vista.

I have the error message that says: So then how do I run when I can not find a driver for axiom.. Hi I have an HP desktop with Windows 7 premium. I got pro tools 8 le about 2 weeks ago.. It worked for about 2 weeks fine. I switched rooms with the computer and now when i try to load pro tools it says it is unable to locate digidesign hardware…. I have done what is recomended and still no results..

The light is on and it tells me that my driver is Working.. I have Uninstalled and Reinstalled but still the same result.. I have been on phone over an hour trying to figure this out but havent talked anyone.. It worked for about two weeks and not this message keeps coming up. Have you found a solution to your problem?

I am experiencing the save problem after successfully operation PT8 for over a year. Hi I have pro tools le with mbox. Everything was all working fine, brought my computer home, reconnected everything.. Already tried unplugging and replugging and all that, restarted computer, nothing is working! Same hear…. Windows 7 32 bit, worked for awhile now unable to locate digidsign hardware. I tried everything on the websites re-installed several times and still does not work… very frustrating for everyone. Is there another software program that works with the mbox mini?

I tried the trouble shooting stuff. Anyways I really want to get this to work think you can help me out? I have a HP Windows 7 computer. Okay well thank you so that you would be called Pro Tools 9? Should I know anything else about if it should not recognize my mic? Which the only thing I really need is the driver so it can read that its hooked up so I can record in acid pro. Now I went onto DigiDesigns website and found a couple drivers and updates but nothing seemed to work. My computer is ran by Vista and is 64bit…. What do I need to do? Thanks b. I just baught a mbox 1 and this is the exact problem that im going through at the moment..

Idk wat to do please help. So I have an mbox with Pro Tools 8. I have been having the same problem as everyone here in this thread. Over Finale I can record midi. Unable to locate Digidesign hardware. I will save this comment an pull the plug on mbox and find another port to see if Pro Tools 8 will recognize it finally. Make sure your pc apply to the PT demands. Next do a driver update. If engish is not your native language try.

This did the trick for me. Check out the Digidesign website support forum as well. But first of all do you pc apply to the PT demands. Regards JS PS. Installed the drivers for the Fast track pro. It Keeps showing me unable to locate hardware. Any help? Thank You for this page and all the help-Joshua. Hi Digidesigns, I have a digi and PT 7. It assumes that you can install the drivers by clicking on them. Most importantly.. Keep in mind that I wrote this article a while ago, during the 7. Since then, windows 7, new drivers and 2 new versions of PT Have been released.

I understand that this article is extremely old, but I am working off of PT version 8 and reading through I saw that someone else had the exact problem as myself. Following this tutorial helped gain a little ground, but I still have three main problems:. What do i do. By the way the lights are on and all the drivers for the MBOX 2 have installed correctly except the audio DRiver… help! Just purchased the Avid Mbox Mini.

Downloaded PT8 and I get the same error message written above. I tried unplugging the usb cord into the other 4 usb ports but to no avail. I really really really need all the help that I can get. Please help!!!! Please Help! Hi there, I am also getting the unable to locate message. I have a mobile pre usb, pro tools m-powered 8 with windows vista 32 bit sp2. I have my audio working normally and with cubase sx, just not with pro tools.

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I have checked and tried all of the tips you gave at the top. Hi there, I have a mobile pre usb, the latest driver with pro tools updated to 8. I still need to know more on the Hardware. Computer if a brand then the brand, your pro tools hardware, ram, Harddisk etc. OS if windows then version and SP. If a MAC i have no clue. I recommend that you read all of the Arvid support site. I think you problem is the CPU of your computer and maybe the chipsset. Check out the specs. I hope this will help you to find the hmm fault.

Hey i have a I Mac running Any ideas what might be the problem someone please help i need to get it to work. Ok, hopefully you can help me!!! At the top of this page is the exact same thing when i try to load pro tools 8. This is the equipment I have: How come it wont work???

Hope you can help me, God Bless! Once more do check out the digi web site for specs. LOOKS great, although my laptop has no firewire capabilities. And if so go check out the digi web site if they have a brand that works with that config. Did you get this fixed? Please share if you did. Thanks, Owen. Hello, I have the same problem as almost everyone above. My M-box wont even light up. I have a huge project due In 2 weeks and at the moment I cannot afford to even waste any time yet alone buy another M-box.

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I have: I purchased the new Mbox 3 Pro educational version LE 8. I have a Mac mini using Snow Leopard So I have to get the Mac going. Rich in Tucson. I have a macbook pro and im using pro tools 8 le. Windows have changed their firewire protocol in version 7. First i think this: Acer hmm its an old machine right?

Go check out the pro tools specs. I know its a downer but if you love music, and i think you do. I have a new Mbox Mini and Pro Tools 8 updated to 8. After turning on and installing i then unplugged the new one returned it to the store and used my own. Installed protools. Can anyone walk me thru how to get this to work? Thanks Darryl. Mbox 2 LED light is blinking green. Nothing about Audio. Please help. I work with pro tools 8 LE for months now, mbox 3, on win 7 64bits, PC i7 3. Changed cables, usb port and all, still show the message.

The mbox is on, and weird… it works on windows, I can listen to all the system sounds, I can play audio on windows media player and listen to it through the mbox! Avid should be the place to go fofr help but they wont help cause they dont know either. Hi, great site, I have a mac Should i upgrade my protools? Your help is greatly appreciated. Right on! Great info here! Keep up the good work! Please give suggestion to solve the problem.. I have the Pro Tools MBox, I did all the steps above but still my computer is unable to locate the driver!!!

I am going crazy!!!! Iam having truble getting srgnal from my computer to my driverack bundle. Iam 8. And it tells me unable locat warwher!! Pleaser help me ASAP tha ks!! I have the latest drivers installed. At this point I feel totally defeated.

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Just desire to say your article is as astonishing. Fine along with your permission allow me to clutch your RSS feed to stay up to date with coming near near post. Thank you a million and please continue the enjoyable work. Great post, very informative. You must proceed your writing. Good job. I have a iMac snow lep. I have just installed protools 8. Just let me know what i need to do to get it working please…. HI, Few of my pro tools 8 le sessions are closing unexpectedly after lunching and running for few seconds.

I am working on mac os x with Digi PLZ do help. I am having a problem getting some of my factory presets to pull up from the plugins. I am running protools le7 in windows xp pro. I would like to know if I am doing something wrong. I got past it ONCE. I have tried all the suggestions above.

I am returning my mbox 3 and AVID can go straight to hell. I have all the steps you have provided and its still nt working. Hi, i have the Mbox 2 pro running on Lion Avid wont even offer advice on how to solve the problem.. I used to really love Pro tools. In my case, after much digging around, I noticed that the Fast Track c was being recognized as a typing keyboard in my devices.

So I deleted the driver and reinstalled and it worked. I still see the icon for the Fast Track as a keyboard but still it works. I have a tascam neo digital porta studio and pro tools 8 le. I followed all the steps and its still not finding the hardware on pro tools8? I followed all the steps above tho my os is win7 am still having same problem I even formated my system it worked n now Sos. Same old story please what else can I do.

I can use sonar but not cubase or protools itself. Thanx Nomjazzi from Nigeria. Takes me about tries. No idea why mine started doing this either. I accidentally broke my headphone jack on my Digi Rack Unit. But i did find a replacement jack on Parts Express. Does anyone know if this is compatible!?!

Let me know asp please. Heres the link for the part. Hey guys: I just sadly realized after finding tons of forums with tons of folks having the exact same issue that there was going to be no actual help from the company much like when you deal with Microsoft. But, there is a solution…switch products. I am fairly experienced with multiple platforms and finally got tired of reinstalling Pro Tools and drivers every single time I wanted to use it on both my Macs and my PC. And, with as many complaints on the exact same issue plastering the official Avid community boards coupled with the almost condescending responses…I switched to a Pro-Sonus audio interface.

Just switch products. Is there something I am missing?? What information can i provide you to maybe help me out. I tried downloading Pro Tools 7. So I tried Pro Tools 8. A message came up and said before installation please connect your audio source and make sure it is turned on. I am having the unable to locate problem also. My protools LE 8 was working fine then one day it just stopped. I tried uninstalling and installing over and over. This equipment is not cheap and this is an inconvenience. I have a console and tried everything still nothing! I used to be recommended this blog by way of my cousin.

Unable to Locate Digidesign Hardware!!!!

You are wonderful! Thank you! My mbox 2 and pro tools 8. Then I came up with an idea that I should upgrade my mbox 2 because it was atleast 1 year ago since. So i searched on google and found a page avid. So i downloaded the upgrade and installed it but it didnt go through so i had too restart the computer. My drivers are up to date for my mbox 3 mini and protools 8 le is installed properly. Hello, I need help, install and re-install it but do not follow step by step, I have an M-AUDIO C had the windows 7 pro tools se, but I told him he is more serious and change it but I get that poster not hardware.

Hi, I need some help.. Cheers Fiona. Pls I just got a used I intend using the only as control surface for my pc running Sonar X1. The problem is that refuses to go into Midi Mode no matter how I press the buttons. Pls I need help cos its driving me Pls I just got a used Pls I need help cos its driving me crazy!

I Already did the download of the last drives of fast track but nothing …. If your Mbox is showing in your device manager as having the correct drivers and installed correctly, disabling and re-enabling it will fix the unable to locate problem, it worked for me at least. I had the same problem I fixed it but now every time I open a session without my useing my ilock only I have to go through the same process of reinstaling my drivers when im back in my studiobwith my Is there any way around this I record at my studio and mix at home and I hate having to reinstall every time im back in my studio.

I didnt read all the comments here,but If you have a problem getting your MBOX connected to the Pro tools software in Mac, then here is what you need to do….

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  • This is what you need to do if you have a error message that shows up telling you that your hardware cannot be detected —. I did this, and downloaded the driver, at first I tried it and it did not work, but then I restarted my computer and it worked instantly. Okay I have the m-audio fast track. Siden har virkelig forandret livet mitt og jeg er veldig glad for det. I tried all the steps and pro tools still says unable to locate digidesign hardware.. I have boxers mini and pro tools le 8.

    Avid be ashamed! I have A Mbox 2 and have been trying to get it up and running for 5 days non stop. I tried every thing to no end. Win 7 would not reconize it and the lights would not come on. Nobody seemed to have a fix. Then I came across your article and followed all the steps.

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    At the end of it I looked over at the mbox 2 and the lights were on. Thank You! Very very very much.

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    May Yahweh Bless you for your help and expertise. Any suggestions? Social websites for example Myspace, Facebook, and You tube supply a great deal of opportunities for this. Remember you can use WordPress as a regular website. My friend encouraged I could similar to this website. Your dog was once totally appropriate.

    This article actually built this working day. Many thanks! I create a leave a response each time I like a article on a blog or I have something to contribute to the discussion. And after this post Unable to Locate Digidesign Hardware!!!! How To: Pro Tools. Could it be simply me or do a few of these remarks appear like they are written by brain dead individuals? Would you make a list every one of your community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile? I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing thgis site.

    I am holing to see the same high-grade content from yyou in the future ass well. I love reading through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment! I cant get my pro tools11 to run how do I fit unable to locate hardware make sure your hardware is on. Brilliant report thanks! Seems to function perfectly well with all the latest versions of wordpress as well 3. Had a nightmare with previous use on the normal code.

    Hi there, i have a mbox 2 pro for some years, always working fine. About 1 year ago, i started having problems with the interface, when i powered on the pc the mbox 2 pro just got a blinking orange light and it was not detected by windows 7. Then came the windows 7 drivers and the mbox started working again for some time, then one day i got the same problem I tried reinstalling the drivers and all but no luck, the mbox 2 pro works when it wants to, sometimes it suddenly detected by windows and starts working, the next day is blinking again.

    A few weeks ago i had to format de pc and when i finished installing the essentials for a pc to work windows 7 64 bit, anti virus, drivers, etc. After a couple of days and some more instalations like updates and stuff when i was running a video application the sound of the mbox just stopped, and when i restarted the pc i got the orange blinking light again and windows doesnt detect the hardware.

    I tried to plug in the mbox 2 pro on a mac book pro from a friend, just to see if it was an hardware problem, and it worked, i downloaded the latest drivers for mac avid site January , and when i restarted the mac it worked. I reconnected the mbox to my pc, reinstalled the mbox 2 pro drivers 1. Pro Tools Sent: Tuesday, January 21, What I would like to know is: I just want to dump my recordings onto the software for mixing.

    I think I made a big mistake on this purchase. I do have an Akai EIE interface. Do I have to have an m-box device to run ProTools8? I have a digidesign hardware but the computer is saying unable to locate hardware. Can somebody help me, please? I am gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. I comment each time I like a post on a site orr I have something to contribute to the conversation. Usually it is triggwred by the passion displayed in the post I read.

    And on this article Unable to Locate Digidesign Hardware!!!! Could it be simply me or do some of the comments look lik written by brain dead individuals? Could you make a list every one of your social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile? Also, feel free to email me with article ideas and questions. Custom Wallpapers These days, you can have anything turned into wallpaper. If it does not work on the other computer, you need a replacement disk. On some machines, it will provide a constant message in the system tray that says your copy of Windows is not activated.

    Fantastic website. Plenty of information here. Not to mention, thank you on your perspire! A person necessarily assist to make severely articles I might state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far? Can someone tell me what to do, I am running firewire and Mac Os Since then I took a break, and believe the reason I did is because my hardware would no longer get recognized by my PC.

    I took it in to get the firewire port repaired from an assumed hotswap I did, which they confirmed was burned out. Got it back connected to system, link light on, but no digi hasrdware found in device mng. My current assumption is that there are either driver conflicts, or the firewire ports on pc have been maxxed out from previous use with the digi hardware, but I am still able to see my external hardrive via firewire to those ports when connected.

    Peace sir.. My problem with my pro tools is that during recordings. My mic is picking up everything in my room..