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Select the Brother Continuous Length Tape that is of 62 mm width and try to print one label with the default dimensions 62x95 mm. If this works, we can create a new temporary paper template of the size you need.

Print red and black label on QL810W - Macintosh® version

I was on Work'nRoad Travel. Well the 62mm label selected inside the Brother ptouch-ql prints the label in default dimensions and the result is full ok. Therefore it's promising getting a temp label with the size for Folder binder labels in: Would this be possible? I'll be able to do this on the next Monday.

Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Using a standard USB connection to your PC the QL doesnt use any ink, toner or print ribbon, in fact the only consumable needed to print is the label roll.

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QL labels use "direct thermal" print technology to print your labels. The Brother QLVP prints great quality labels rapidly and effortlessly, whether you require just one or a series of labels. See our review on the P-Touch Desktop label printers. Download Brochure. This little printer has to be one of the best IT investments I've ever made. It's simply great and has made life so much easier than fiddling around with my "all in one printer".

I cannot praise and recommend the QL highly enough. And all at a very attractive price with very fast delivery. The printer is very easy to set up and use. We use it in general practice for printing blood test labels which is very quick and saves our staff a great deal of time. I can't recommend this machine enough, it's small and compact, excellent print speed, very versatile with the range of label sizes and simple to install.

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It's thermal so no messing around with inks or toners and the labels are inexpensive and easy to find. If you hand write labels STOP, the price per label and the convinience of copy and paste into the template will save you more in time than it costs. After having the first Dymo label printer I swapped onto the Brother QL series last year, I've never looked back since.

It works flawlessly with Windows7 unlike the Dymo printer I had which wouldn't work with Windows7 no matter what I did. Really impressed with the QL, prints fantastic labels with no messy ink or toner. Clear labels printed extremely fast whether it's one or a print run. Would recommend to anyone.

This is a very useful little printer. When I need to print one label or send one letter its invaluable. It took a bit of time, but I now have a decent template, which I just open and paste the address into. The QL range of printers are direct thermal, therefore they do not use ink.


The only consumable for these printers is the label rolls. If you life the clear lid you will see on the left a screw which is holding in place the cutter. You will need to unscrew, remove and replace with DK-BU Windows 8 Drivers are available on www. Brother offer a range of pre-cut DK labels for the QL range of printers , however none of which have serrated ends. The output form should be the same size as the labels in the printer to make sure the image prints correctly. More details can be found here. There are ways to share printers over a Windows network but we would recommend a true networkable product such as the QLN or the QLN.

The Brother QL labels have a registration patten printed in the reverse side of the backing paper which enables the printer to sense the labels. The standard Zebra shipping labels do not have this and would not work in the QL printer. The QL labels are not suitable for outdoor use, we would recommend using one of the LabelStation printers for external labelling. It's basically the same command set the PT uses, except the "expansion buffer" is 16 bytes dots instead of Obviously, the head is also dots wide.

Michael Monday 13 April , at The By using SnoopyPro I found that to get the automatic cutter to work one needs to add the sequence: By the way: The problem is, that openSuSE has no prepared mechanism to convert the xml-data to. As I compiled the rastertoptch I just need the. Does someone know where I can get the ready to use.

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Chris Saturday 06 June , at Unfortunately it's not avaible for SuSE as pre-compiled packages. Get it from www. That should make all printers that are defined in. My QL as stated by Michael wanted: Thank you all - you are brilliant. Glenstrup's driver doesn't seem to help either.

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Bernard Hatt Tuesday 27 April , at I'd include a link but it says "no links allowed", but a search for "pc linux" should find it To confound further, any cygwin under Windows XP possibilities anyone know about? The printer driver always rejects the print jobs because it can't use the form size, that I set in the printer driver. Any workaround to stop the printer driver complaining? Pander Tuesday 01 March , at See also this ticket at Ubuntu: Shpend Bardhi Tuesday 11 October , at I got the label printer working with text only. But I have no idea how to insert barcodes, or even generate them.

In Windows P-Touch does this for me.