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The Mac's printer support system is very robust. OS X comes with many third-party printer drivers, and Apple automatically includes printer driver updates in its software update service. Because OS X includes most of the printer drivers Mac users need, don't install any drivers that may have come with the printer.

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Most printer manufacturers mention this in their installation guide, but many of us are so used to installing drivers for peripherals that we may get carried away and install out-of-date drivers by mistake. Make sure your printer has paper and ink or toner and is connected to your Mac, AirPort Router, or Time Capsule, as appropriate.

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OS X will check for updates for the new printer connected to your Mac. If any updates are available, the information will display in the Updates section of the Mac App Store. If there are no updates listed, it may simply mean that OS X is already up to date for that particular printer.

The Updates section may list additional updates for your Mac. If you wish, you can take this opportunity to update your software as well; you can also do it at another time. Click the Update button next to the printer update item to update your printer driver, or click the Update All button to update all of the software listed in the Updates tab. Depending on the type of software that is being updated, you may need to restart your Mac. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the software update.

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  4. Most printers for the Mac will auto-install any necessary software or drivers, with no input from you. When you turn on the connected printer, you may discover that your Mac has already created the printer queue, assigned the printer a name, and made it available to any app that uses the Apple printing services, which includes nearly all apps. You can check to see if your printer has auto-installed by simply opening an app and choosing Print from the File menu.

    If you see your printer listed, you're all set, unless you want to share the printer with others on your local network. Share Pin Email. Wireless connection for printers with buttons only: Press and hold the Wireless button for three seconds until the wireless light blinks. Press the WPS button on your router, and then wait while the printer connects to the network. USB connection: Connect the cable to the USB port on the rear of the printer and to an available port on the computer. Wired Ethernet network connection: Connect the network cable to the printer Ethernet port and to an available port on the router or access point.

    At the port, the green light should be steady and the orange activity light should blink. For a guided printer connection setup, go to HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads , enter your printer model if prompted, click Download next to HP Easy Start or the full feature driver under Driver-Product Installation Software , and then open the file to begin the printer setup. Open a document or photo, click File , and then click Print. If your printer is listed in the Printers menu , click the printer name and try to print.

    If you can print, the setup is complete. If your printer is not listed in the Printers menu , it might display under Nearby Printers. Continue to the next step if the printer does not display in either list. Step 2: Check if your printer name displays in the Printers list, and then do one of the following steps. If your printer is listed , remove and re-add the printer to confirm it is set up for AirPrint.

    Click the printer name, click the minus sign to delete the printer, click the plus sign , click Add Printer or Scanner , click the printer name and then continue to the next step. If your printer is not listed , click the plus sign, click Add Printer or Scanner , click the name of your printer, and then continue to the next step.

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    If your printer is not listed in the Add Printer or Scanner window , go to the Frequently asked questions in this document to resolve connection issues, try to add the printer again, and then continue to the next step. AirPrint displays in the Use menu. What if my wireless printer is not found when I try to print or add it to the Mac? Check the network environment for issues and make sure the computer and printer are up to date if the Mac does not locate the AirPrint printer.

    Check the network status and printer connection Make sure your network is working correctly and that the printer is ready for the AirPrint setup. On the printer, open the Wireless network or Settings menu to make sure the wireless signal is turned on and enabled. Make sure the Wireless icon light is on and steady. On the Mac, click the network icon in the menu bar to view the network name and status of the connection. If the selected network is not yours for instance, if you connected to a neighbor's or a guest network , you must connect to your own network to complete the printer setup.

    If the network signal strength is weak , move the computer and printer closer to the router, position the devices away from large metal objects such as bookcases, and move away from devices that emit radio signals such as microwaves and cordless phones. If the network status is not connected , confirm that your network is working correctly, then check the status again.


    Make sure a check mark displays next to the network name. Check the router band: Many routers can operate in both 2. Make sure the 2. If the router broadcasts separate network names SSIDs for each band, connect the printer to the 2. Bonjour support: HP recommends routers that support Bonjour , Apple's network discovery software. Connecting with Bonjour is the best way to find the printer and support wireless printing. Check for updated router firmware: Outdated router firmware can impact performance and security, or prevent the router from accessing the Internet.

    If the printer is not found , continue to the next step. Check for Mac updates and the latest printer firmware Update the Mac and the printer firmware to ensure the latest features are available. You might need to refresh the page to view the latest updates. Click Store in the top menu bar, and then click Reload Page to update the list. If no updates display, the Mac is up to date.

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    Go to Updating Firmware on the Printer for steps to download and install any new version of the printer firmware. Step 3: Restart the computer, printer, and router Restart the computer, printer, and router to resolve any network or communication error states. These steps temporarily disconnect network and Internet connections and require restarting your computer.

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    Complete any tasks or downloads in progress before continuing. Close all running programs on your computer, including the HP software installation window, and then shut down the computer. Reconnect the power cord to the router, and then wait for the Internet activity light to display a normal connected status. Step 4: Reset the printing system Resetting the Mac printing system can be useful for resolving printer connection and installation problems.

    This process removes all printers and scanners from the printers queue and clears all print jobs and print settings from the system, including printers and scanners that are not from HP. Click Reset printing system.