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Miller tells us which song he used to say "fuck you," being drunk when first recording "Frick Park Market," and shares details of his and his team's extra-curricular activities. When you go up there's this little alley way called English Lane. I was walking by and was like 'I got to name a song English Lane. But in reality it's the feel. It's produced by Big Jermany Dan, I. It's that boom bap. It's produced by I. Labs but I had to force them to make this beat.

It samples something you know [and] that people know. I was like 'Yo, we got to flip this and do a new version of this.

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Man, it'd be so dope. That's corny. Labs], make this beat, please, man. Trust me, just make it. It will be the jam. For the video, I told E, 'we should all be old people. We all had a blast.

Album Preview: Mac Miller's "Blue Slide Park"

The song's called 'Party On Fifth Ave' but rarely do you see a party in the video. It's more [of] the feeling you get. It's an old school sample so I felt like, that's old people, it works. It's really reflecting. I travel everywhere and I've seen everywhere in the world, places I never thought I'd be able to go. When you're in this, you don't think about how crazy it actually is because it's worth.

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But when you go home, you just sit there and go 'holy shit. I came in when E was making that beat and right off the jump I was like 'This is the jam. We took it home and listened to it and I was like 'This song is way too hard for me to sound this drunk' so I came back and re-did it. I love that song because it embodies the concept of the album which is just fun and full of energy. But then out of nowhere, it just smacks you in the head with some trippy and takes you somewhere you wouldn't think the song would take you.

What do I really have to be? With all the horrible things that happen to people in the world what do I really, really have to be sad about? But that was my one song [where] I was like, 'Ugh!

That song feels so good to perform. It relieves so much stress to say that". We were like, 'We have to use every single one in this song! It's just some cool hip-hop shit. Once again, done by E-Dan and Big Germ. With an ill flow and dope rhymes, this was arguably the best track of the mixtape. The titular track of the mixtape that arguably shot Mac Miller to fame, it's a fantastic track to introduce a mixtape that exemplifies who the Philadelphia rapper truly is.

Donald Trump It was the song that allowed Mac to rise from obscurity to prominence. It appealed to not only the masses but critics, labels, and obscure fans alike. I'll Be There No matter how much fame you achieve in life, you have to remember where you came from and Mac does that expertly on this track.

A song dedicated to his mom, it's nothing short of sentimental, especially with that mellow piano piece playing. Wiz Khalifa Roll it, light it, smoke it, because this is the track that portrayed the chemistry between two of modern raps most famous stoner icons. Snooze Mac talks about still dreaming on the small amount of success he had garnered. He considers what he's living a dream and just wants to keep sleeping, so he can keep on dreaming. Party On Fifth Ave The track that set the tone for the stellar debut album from the renowned independent artist, Party On Fifth Ave was equal parts fun as it was witty.

Frick Park Market The lead single off the album, it deserved to be with its ability to make anyone dance to its erratic beat and catchy hook. Under The Weather A song that showcases Mac's variety and talent as a whole musician, rather than just a hip-hop artist. He seems to sing on the jazz-like chorus, while rapping flawlessly in the verses. Of The Soul Mac effortlessly weaves in emotional heartfelt lines with wit and humour to balance the song out well to easily make it one of the best songs he's ever created.

Up All Night A party anthem that you can't get sick of, this is a track for all the high school and college parties happening out there.

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Diamonds and Gold This song starts Macs obsession with girls, particularly the unnamed female in this track who seems to not want him but the riches he can provide her. Desperado This is Mac Miller at his best. He starts off his critically acclaimed mixtape with a no-hook song that showcases his lyrical talent as he raps about success, fame, his previous achievements, the future, and why he still doesn't get respect.

Thoughts From A Balcony Teaming up with Sap - who produced Donald Trump - again, Mac Miller gets emotional on this song while considering age-old questions like "what is time? In one of his most thoughtful songs, Mac takes his game to another level. Vitamins With a slow beat produced by ID Labs, Mac just spits about a past lover. Poetic and insightful. Fight The Feeling feat. Kendrick Lamar Mac really seems to be doing some introspective thinking on this mixtape as he puts his thoughts out on a platter for all to examine.

The feature from Kendrick Lamar only helps an already stellar track. Lucky Ass Bitch feat. Juicy J Over a trap beat, Mac spits about drugs and the effects it can have on a girl, and with Juicy J helping him out, it makes for a scintillating track. Ignorant feat. Cam'ron Mac seems to be recovering from a bad break-up as he spits about girls again. This time, it's about how they can take advantage of his riches and Cam'ron - whose verses are dope - agrees.