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More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: The auto updates aren't working. But after spending an hour bouncing around on a Microsoft help desk, I finally got this link from them: Thanks for the help - I got it working now via that MS link! View answer in context.

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For me anyway. Unless of course it's a different Microsoft Office for Mac I thought you had solved it, but when I went to install this, I got this error: See Info box below from Word you can see the non-retina text Is there an intermediary update I need to do first? Is there any way to drag the updated files from another Mac onto my new Mac?

Kurt Lang Kurt Lang. The information was on the page I linked.

How to Make Microsoft Office Retina on Retina MacBook Pro

If you're just working on your own, and don't need any special pre-designed spreadsheets, Word style sheets, or Power Point templates, these apps will do most of what you need. Spreadsheet mavens may find Numbers a bit weak, and if you're used to using PowerPoint, the different features may take some learning, but all of these apps can handle most productivity needs.

There is also an iCloud version of the iWork apps, so you can compose and edit documents in any web browser, and even share your documents via the web to others who don't have the apps. This is streamlined, and allows you to access your work from any device, but the risk is that you may lose Internet access and not be able to get to your files.

Microsoft Office 2011 on Retina Macbook Pro

But you could do this, with either iCloud. Google Docs, Sheets, and others. All these prices are per user, so if you want apps for your family, Microsoft's Office is a better deal though Apple's iWork is even better, being free, but if you also use PCs, you might find iCloud. If you do use Apple's Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, you can save files in formats that Office users can read; you can also open files they send you.

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  • In the Format menu, you can choose. You'll find similar options for Numbers and Keynote. One thing to note is that not all features translate from one format to another. One notably difference is change tracking, which you may use if you're in a collaborative environment.

    Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 14 Virtual Machine for Mac

    If you use Microsoft Office and haven't updated in a while, you have plenty of choices. Pay for a new version, use an alternative such as iWork, or give up on that type of app entirely and use the cloud. Choose what works best for you, but also what works with the people you collaborate with. Microsoft may not be supporting it, but how well do Excel and Word run?! Forced obsolesence. If the installation finishes successfully, you can remove the update installer from your hard disk. To remove the update installer, first drag the Microsoft Office To remove this update This update does not include an uninstall feature.

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    To restore your application to its original state, delete it from your hard disk, reinstall it from your original installation disk, and then install the updates that you want. Additional Information If you have trouble installing this update or using Office applications after you install this update, try the following: Make sure that the Microsoft Office folder is located in the Applications folder on the startup volume. If it is at another location on your computer, move it to the Applications folder on your startup volume, and then try installing the update again.

    Restart your computer and try installing the update again. Make sure that the user account you use to authenticate the update installer is an administrator account. For more information about administrator accounts, see Mac Help.

    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac get long-awaited and long-overdue updates.

    Make sure that you downloaded the correct language version of the update for your copy of Office. If you rename or modify any of the files in the Microsoft Office folder, you cannot install product updates.

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    • To correct this issue, drag the Microsoft Office folder to the Trash, and then reinstall Office from your original installation disk. If you experience problems opening Office applications after you install this update, restart your computer.