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A lot of people may think of it as a comparison guide, but it is not. The purpose of this article is just to make sure that the best iTunes alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux are talked about in detail with their features highlighted. While iTunes would be the first and last choice for the majority of users that want to sync their audio and video content to their devices in an organized fashion, it is all about that personal preference. This list will help the readers make the right decision when choosing the right iTunes alternative for Windows, Mac, and Linux; they want to listen to music on.

MacX MediaTrans is going to be our very first pick and there is no hidden truth behind this choice as this happens to be a feature-enriched iTunes replacement and provides more on the table than other alternatives to iTunes installed on your computer. We have already done a review in this software, and we already talked about the long list of amazing features that are available in this software. For the longest time, iTunes is being problematic by removing the fan favorite features. However, if you are looking for the perfect alternative, you are in the right spot.

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As far as any downsides are concerned, I could not find any deal-breaking issues that would ruin my overall experience with the software, or how I would use it. As a matter of fact, everything was spot on and worked flawlessly. It runs perfectly fine without any issues and gives you all the features you could ask.

MusicBee is the next contender on the list. It acts as more of a tool than a music player because it allows you to organize and manage your music library better. One of the best things about using the application is that it will save you time and import your entire music collection from iTunes while giving you the flexibility to specify where to place these files and in which folders.

When it comes to the user interface, It is as seamless as it gets and it also offers customization in terms of screen layout while using different skins. In this way, you will be able to access music the way you see fit and make the interface look good simultaneously. If there was one gripe, it would be that MusicBee is not available on macOS. Performance is one of them. Remember, on systems running low-end hardware, iTunes will pretty much cripple its performance.

With MediaTrans the experience is going to be the complete opposite. Its user interface has been made to near perfection, with ease of use at an unparalleled level. Just install and get started straight away.

Simpler & Faster Alternative to iTunes

Apart from this, there is also a free ringtones maker and video converter pre-loaded. The best part is that MediaTrans comes with the number of iOS files you can transfer daily. Fortunately, MediaTrans renews these numbers daily so that it is able to keep its user base healthy.

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If you want a music player that offers wide platform support than look no further than Clementine as it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. While there are useful features such as advanced tagging plus support for mobile devices, it is not the most attractive of music players available that come without a charge. In fact, it has one of the least attractive user interfaces in the category of freebies, but if you can get around this little complaint, then we see no reason why this will not be able to become your iTunes replacement.

Clementine also provides support for things like ripping, extensive library management and the ability to copy music to a variety of supported devices so if you do not have a problem with ugly-looking interfaces, this should become your daily driver. Do you have an Android device and love to customize the bejesus out of it? When you launch the application for the very first time, its initial black and white appearance might put you off, but once you get around to using it, that is where the real fun begins.

This will range from a wide audio format support, as well as plugins for when you want to make your music playback experience completely effortless. PodTrans keeps everything simple and is still able to provide a very good software experience for those looking for an iTunes alternative. The simplistic design will also explain why you are able to copy music between your computer and to your iPhone or different iOS devices in a very easy manner. Unfortunately, using free software does come at a price and while PodTrans will serve as a decent replacement for iTunes, there are more options available at your fingertips when you start to use the paid version.

If you are willing to spend the extra money for better music management, that is going to be your call. If not, then our list will continue. MediaMonkey is another powerful media management suite that intends to reduce your dependency on iTunes and here is how. Before you ask, this will also include album art. Check out our list of best video players. One thing that MediaMonkey features that the majority of other tools do not is support for the FLAC audio format plus a plethora of others. Music can automatically be synced to your iPhone, iPad and a variety of other devices so if you feel comfortable using this program, there is no reason why you should not remove the other software from your storage.

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There are many ways these third-party tools can enhance your experience. For instance, they can help you quickly track down the defective songs and help you repair them. Due mainly to the support for many file formats, they offer you the essential convenience to handle your media without any roadblocks. Want an assistant to troubleshoot some common iOS issues?

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There is also a tool that can get your work done reliably. WinX MediaTrans is a fully featured iTunes alternative. With this software at your disposal, managing media will no longer be a hassle. It boasts rapid file transfer speed and claims to send to up to 4K images in just 8 seconds. Based on your specific requirements, you can personalize your music library to keep everything in the right sync.

Part 2. iTunes Alternatives to Play Music with Ease

The software automatically converts your videos so that you have a smooth-sailing video watching experience. To find out more about this software, head over to our full review. Find it a bit inconvenient to deal with your iOS device? DearMob can offer you the needed flair to manage your iPhone effortlessly. The software makes it quite straightforward to back up and restore the iPhone. To offer an extra layer of safeguard to your data, it allows you to encrypt your backup as well.

To get to know more about this software, check out our detailed review. You can use this tool to take control of your music, videos, apps, and more with ease. It lets you comfortably transfer media from computer to your iPhone or vice-versa. With the support for more than 30 file formats, it ensures you never run out of options. Moreover, you can keep all of your media fully organized and in sync with your specific demand.

One notable feature of this software is the ability to let you use your Android device with iTunes. Lastly, it works with both macOS and Windows. SynciOS is pretty simple yet exceptionally functional software. The one feature that has caught my eyes in this tool is the skill to convert the incompatible files into the supported formats automatically. Therefore, they get transferred from one device to other with ease.

Besides, you can use it to also backup your media files for additional security. Even better, it lets you manage your Android phones as well. SynciOS is available for free. Free Download. If you want to have an advanced media-managing tool, MediaMonkey can be worth serious consideration. You can use this tool to record CDs with aplomb. So, it can save plenty of time.

You can manage your media and keep it fully organized. Furthermore, MediaMonkey is designed to work with both Mac and Windows.

Top 20 alternatives to iTunes in 2018 - Get the best iTunes alternative

Fidelia is one of the finest media managers designed to work with only Mac. Thanks to the more efficient wavelength conception, it provides a more seamless music editing experience. Boasting the support for several file formats, it offers the essential flexibility to edit different files. Depending on your need, you can personalize the interface to get the most out of it.

There are various audio tools such as EQ, compressor, and CanOpener to rev up your listening experience. Unfortunately, this app supports only Mac.

15 Best iTunes Alternatives For Windows Mac (February )

No longer want to spend hours finding out the tracks that need to be fixed? Wondershare TunesGo can be an ideal answer for your requirement. TunesGo scans through your entire library to discover the songs that require correction.