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For example, if an attempt is made to change the MAC address through the VF on a guest after the MAC address for this device has been set on the host, the host will log a warning of the following form:. To avoid this problem, either avoid configuring an address for the VF through the PF on the virtualization host and let a trusted guest set whatever MAC address is desired, or set the desired MAC address through the PF such that further changes through the VF are not needed. The post-GA update come with a changed systemd preset.

This update fixes the use and behavior of uuidd. If you install the updated package on a system where the SLES 12 GA version is not installed, the new preset is in place, this means "use socket activation for uuidd" is applied during the installation and the service works out of the box. This means the old setting will stay in place.

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In this case it is recommended to switch to the proposed new default behavior by starting uuidd on first use. Recommended commands:. If your clients still depend on NFSv2, enable it on the server by setting. After restarting the service, check whether version 2 is available with: After restarting the service, check whether version 2 is available with the command:.

Org in Xserver 1. This does not impose any specific requirements on X extensions. Within the wicked family of tools, the nanny daemon is a policy engine that is responsible for asynchronous or unsolicited scenarios such as hotplugging devices. The cachefilesd user-space daemon manages persistent disk-based caching of files that are used by network file systems such as NFS. YaST network module yast2 lan excludes storage only devices for network configuration. The underlying tool hwinfo reads the private flags from the device and provides the information for YaST, which allows the user to select the correct FCoE device.

For more information about available options, see the resolv. The device's ifcfg is updated accordingly. While fixing issues in the operating system, you might need to install a Problem Temporary Fix PTF into a production system. Ignoring the error will install the package despite the failed signature verification.

The message can be avoided by manually importing the missing trusted key into the rpm database using 'rpmkeys --import' PUBKEY. Other signature verification errors than [4-Signatures public key is not available] should not be ignored. The main advantages of this format are automatic checksumming of all XFS metadata, file type support, and support for a larger number of access control lists for a file. Pre SLE 12 kernels, xfsprogs before version 3. This can be problematic if the file system should also be used from older or other distribution.

If you require interoperability of the XFS file system with older or other distributions, format the filesystem manually using the mkfs. The WS-Management protocol is supported via Openwsman, providing client wsmancli package and server openwsman-server package implementations. A read-only root setup consists of the read-only root file system, a scratch and a state file system. See the rwtab 5 manual page for more information and http: SLE12 has moved to Systemd, a new way of managing services. Time synchronization with microsecond precision across a group of hosts in a data center is challenging to achieve without extra hardware.

Note, chrt requires a priority to be provided for all normal scheduling classes as well as realtime classes. It is still supported, but now deprecated. Systemd can restart services if they crash. For configuring macvlan interface, see the ifcfg-macvlan 5 man page. This setting will change the configuration file in the background. It is no longer possible to set file permissions with SuSEconfig --module permissions. It is a common occurrence that those schedulers end up competing with each other and ultimately degrade performance.

Because the storage array has the best view of what the storage is doing at any given time, enabling the noop scheduler on the host is telling the OS to just get out of the way and let the array handle all of the scheduling.

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Pixz pronounced 'pixie' is a parallel, indexing version of XZ. It takes advantage of running LZMA compression of multiple parts of an input file on multiple cores simultaneously. The resulting file contains an index of the data blocks, which enables random access to the data. Linux Cloud Video Transcode is an Intel GEN based hardware solution to support high quality and performance video transcoding on a server.

On systems with a high NFS load, connections may block. To work around such performance regressions with NFSv4, you could open more than one TCP connection to the same physical host. This could be accomplished with the following mount options:. Where N is unique. If N is different for two mounts, they will not share the transport. If N is the same, they might if they are for the same server, etc.

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This causes big performance degradation due to repeated page table changes, TLB flush, and build-up of VM related objects. Because virtio numbers are not stable, by-path links for virtio disks are no longer available. These names are not persistent. Btrfs is a copy-on-write CoW general purpose file system. Based on the CoW functionality, Btrfs provides snapshotting. Beyond that data and metadata checksums improve the reliability of the file system. Btrfs is highly scalable, but also supports online shrinking to adopt to real-life environments.

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We also continue to support the Ext-family of file systems, Reiserfs and ocfs2. Each file system offers distinct advantages. YaST will prepare the Btrfs file system for use with subvolumes and snapshots. Snapshots will be automatically enabled for the root file system using SUSE's snapper infrastructure.

Migration from existing "Ext" file systems Ext2, Ext3, ext4 and Reiserfs is supported "offline" and "in place", if the original filesystem has been created with a 4k block size this is the case for most file systems on the x and System z architectures. Roll back: Btrfs is supported on top of MD multiple devices and DM device mapper configurations. Use the YaST partitioner to achieve a proper setup. Using swap files on top of Btrfs is not supported. In general, we are advising to use partitions for swapping, and not swap files on top of any file system for performance reasons.

Compression functionality for Btrfs is currently under development and will be supported once the development has matured. We are committed to actively work on the Btrfs file system with the community, and we keep customers and partners informed about progress and experience in terms of scalability and performance. This may also apply to cloud and cloud storage infrastructures. Check and repair functionality "scrub" is available as part of the Btrfs command line tools. We recommend to apply regular "maintenance" to the Btrfs file system to optimize performance and disk usage.

Specifically we recommend to "balance" and "defrag" the file system on a regular basis. If you are planning to use Btrfs with its snapshot capability, it is advisable to reserve twice as much disk space than the standard storage proposal. This is automatically done by the YaST2 partitioner for the root file system. Previous products had a limitation on low hard link count per file in a directory. This has been fixed and is now. It requires a file system created with "-O extref", which is done by default.

Such a file system might not be mountable on older products. The file systems are by default created with a more space efficient format of metadata, the feature is called "skinny-metadata" for mkfs. Such a file system will not be mountable on previous products. Backward compatibility - metadata block size is 16k. The default metadata block size has changed to 16 kilobytes, reducing metadata fragmentation.

Such a file system will not be mountable on older products. The Btrfs file system has a group of features that we are classifying as "supported" and another group classified as "unsupported". In the expert partitioner, the default file system is Btrfs. The user can change it if another file system is more suitable to accomplish the intended workload. Due to the assumption made by Btrfs regarding data blocksize i.

Identical data should not be stored more then once to save storage space. To achieve the deduplication it replaces identical contents blocks with logical links to a single copy of the block in a common storage location. The deduplication is performed out-of-band also called post-process or offline using a specialized tool.

Working with these names can be clumsy. In SLE the option is available to use textual names. This will likely be enabled by default in future releases of SLE. Btrfs has a number of features that for reasons of instability or immaturity SUSE chooses not to support in the enterprise releases. In order to avoid undesired failures, we can disable those features in the code.

With the current LVM design, if this information is not available, LVM must scan all the physical disk devices in the system. The purpose of the lvmetad daemon is to eliminate the need for this scanning by dynamically aggregating metadata information each time the status of a device changes. These events are signaled to lvmetad by udev rules. If lvmetad is not running, LVM performs a normal scan. This feature is disabled by default in SLES The reiserfs file system was fully supported for the lifetime of SLES 11 specifically for migration purposes.

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Paravirtualized device drivers are installed in virtual machine instances of operating systems and represent hardware and functionality similar to the underlying physical hardware used by the system virtualization software layer. Support for new Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows Server R2 and Windows 8. The bit Integer vectors which can be useful in scientific computations or other numerically intensive applications. Virtual appliances need a good source of entropy, for instance when generating key material during installation.

Without any physical source of entropy like disk interrupts such operations may take a rather long time. One way to improve the situation in the future may be to include PV drivers that expose hardware RNGs to the guest, such as virtio-rng. By default pvpanic is disabled, add the flag -device pvpanic to enable it.

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Multi-queue networking VMDq, Netqueue, etc. Implement changes to improve the performance of workloads in a virtualized environment KVM by addressing current inefficiencies in the scheduling of vCPUs. NUMA Home noding: Support will be provided to limit QEMU to only the system calls that it requires.

New seccomp Kernel functionality is intended to be used to declare the whitelisted syscalls and syscall parameters. The idea is that if an attacker were to execute arbitrary code, they would only be able to use the whitelisted syscalls. The host device passed to a guest must be used exclusively by the guest to which it is allocated. This feature is disabled by default.

For more information refer to http: The guest agent qemu-ga allows programs on the VM Host Server to directly communicate with a VM Guest via an emulated or paravirtualized serial console.

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This new access method to PCI devices will be used by default using libvirt framework. Devices with capabilities or defects that are undocumented or that virtualization software is unaware of may allow guests to control parts of the host that they should not be in control of. Multiple XEN watchdog instances are not supported. Enabling more than one instance can cause system crashes. Several domains can be imported at once using its --recursive mode. The pygrub command is used to boot a virtual Xen machine according to a certain menu. To discover if a Docker container is in need of an update, a manual zypper lu was needed.

After patching, the changes had to be committed to make them persistent, and the container needed to be restarted. This was necessary for each container. Use zypper-docker to list and apply updates to your Docker images. This ensures any container based on the given image will receive the updates. To get a console to login on a container, the command: Use virsh -c lxc: This decision has several advantages over using LXC as a separate virtualization solution. The extra LXC component is obsolete now. Guest block devices provided by files instead of physical storage did grow over time, even if parts of it are unused.

The guest file system had no way to notify the back-end about unused blocks. As a result, the backing store required more disk space than needed. Xen guests have discard support enabled per default. For KVM guests discard must be enabled in the guest configuration file. In case the backing file was intentional created non-sparse the discard support must be disabled to avoid fragmentation of the file. The xl domU. Discard requires file system support.

For local file systems, only xfs and ext4 support the hole punching feature. Remote storage such as NFS has no support for discard , even if the backing store on the server would support it. This enhancement allows administrative users to collect a detailed audit trail of VM lifecycle events and resource assignments. A new tool, auvirt, is available to conveniently search the Linux audit trail for VM events.

Additional information on VM auditing is available in this article: Kvm libvirt audit http: Qbg enabled switches to perform better when migration VMs from one switch port to another.

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When the VSI information is modified in the switch, lldpad synchronization keeps the VMs from losing network connectivity. For more information, see bnc The new Yast2 virtualization tools allow you to install only selected components for Xen, KVM or containers: The yast module name as changed, the old named as changed to virtualization , so to launch from command line use:.

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The system time of a guest will drift several seconds per day. To maintain an accurate system time it is recommended to run ntpd in a guest. Hyper-V Gen2 technology support: Libguestfs is a set of tools for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images. Support for Generation2 VMs is included. In the past, it was necessary to install VMware tools separately, because they had not been shipped with the distribution.

These tools are pre-selected when installing on a VMware platform. Bonding interfaces allows the aggregation of bandwidth across multiple physical links to a switch to take full advantage of the In the past, the default settings of trackpoint or pointing stick devices were different on various machines, and thus the behavior of these devices was not consistent. These days people prefer to use the combination of trackpoint or pointing stick and middle button for scrolling.

This means pressing the middle button while moving the trackpoint or pointing stick emulates a mouse wheel. If there is a need to develop bit applications to run in the SLE 12 bit runtime environment then use the SLE 11 bit development tools to create these applications. For the last 20 years, hard disk with byte sectors have been in use. Scientific support installs all the MPIs and related tests. Verify the following RPMs are installed: Install libipathverbs-rdmav2 RPM. Many keys and command line options are the same as for ordinary top.

This memory has kernel memory, thus cannot be offlined, and subsequently cannot be hot-removed. One solution for this issue is to gather kernel memory on a special system board, and movable memory to other system boards. They will either suffer severely degraded performance or at the worst case, the OOM killer will fire.

Similarly, workloads that require large amounts of address space may fail because they cannot allocate page tables. On NUMA machines, such workloads may still suffer degraded performance because all their page table pages are allocated remote to the workload. Enabling the feature will also limit the availability of system memory for certain features, eg. If you encounters one of the trade-offs, the only sensible option is to disable node memory hot-remove. SUSE's Kernel team is working with the Linux community to find mitigations for those limitations as a long term goal.

In theory, platform firmware has better knowledge of the appropriate thresholds to use based on OEM knowledge of the failure rates of components in the platform. SLES 12 kernel supports firmware first mode for corrected errors allowing firmware to take first control over memory error handling. On receipt of APEI notification, Linux immediately offlines pages in-kernel isolating problematic memory resulting in improved system reliability and uptime. The number of 16GB huge pages available can not be changed once the partition is booted.

Systems may exhibit hardware or microcode issues which require inventory collection of vital product data VPD , platform error reporting and handling, and responding to EPOW events to analyze the root cause and to plan for the right corrective response by service. The basic POWER platform related tools and packages like ppcdiag , servicelog , and lsvpd are included to provide allow for faster resolution. Make sure the Firmware level of the Connect-IB adapter is version Support of additional PowerISA Over time this can result in a less than optimal resource assignment to each of the individual partitions on the system for CPUs and memory.

The POWER hypervisor provides the capability to transparently re-assign the resources allocated to a partition to provide a more optimized layout of resources. The update provided here allows Linux to dynamically update any resources affected by PRRN notifications. This feature adds support for the new DAWR interface, which allows hardware watchpoints with longer ranges up to bytes wide , as well as the ability to disassemble POWER8 instructions. A subset approximately of the native POWER8 events are supported in this version of these packages. The rest of the events will be added in a future release.

For the initial installation of System z operation systems different options have been available in the past. Newer machines have new instructions and better instruction schedulers. The default for the system Compiler is to generate code for z and do the scheduling for zEC Often it is difficult to correlate the commonly used name of the processor with the IBM model number for that processor. The cputype command is now included in the stools package.

The cputype command prints both the IBM model number as well as the more commonly used processor name. This works through the hugetlbfs. Linux guests using dedicated devices may experience a loop, if an available path to the device goes offline prior to the IPL of Linux. This is especially helpful on systems with hundreds of zFCP disks and exclusive zoning. However, on systems with few disks and an open fabric, it can lead to long boot times or access to inappropriate disks. It can also lead to difficulties offlining and removing disks.

To disable LUN scanning, set the boot parameter zfcp. If fdasd is used from the command line, it will work as documented and desired. To gain the performance improvements for certain workloads the data router support is enabled by default. In addition, with a new parameter, -r or --requestsize , you can specify the number of cylinders to be formatted in one step. Only the Ethernet remains as the interface. Therefore the parameter "OsaMedium" is also obsolete. This parameter is no longer recognized in parmfiles and on the command line.

The existing data execution protection for Linux on System z relies on the System z hardware to distinguish instructions and data through the secondary memory space mode. As of System z10, new load-relative-long instructions do not make this distinction. As a consequence, applications that have been compiled for System z10 or later fail when running with the existing data execution protection. It is possible to install the complete crypto stack by selecting System z HW crypto support at install time.

It is available as an install pattern in the Software Selection dialog. New libica APIs show crypto exploiters what cryptographic functions are available and if hardware or software will be used to process cryptographic requests. In the past, this information could only be obtained through stand-alone tools primarily intended for administrators.

SLES 12 includes opencryptoki 3.

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The option zipl -D has become obsolete and is no longer supported. Compression is used in various of places of the system such as decompression of Java class files, PDF generation, compressed backup and for installation binaries compressed in RPMs. Even easier, more powerful and more reliable - experience the best ever created Burning Studio. The program supports long filenames characters for DVD and Blu-ray and 64 for CD, automatic configuration settings, saving and loading project, the creation of images, simple file management with DragandDrop and more.

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