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The 6-core 3. The 2. See the test results— this matters. Dual-processor models have eight memory slots, for up to 64GB of memory using 8GB modules.

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The 8-core 2. Skip it unless you know exactly why you want it. See the next page for performance estimates for various scenarios. Except for very specialized tasks, anyone with an 8-core system should not be rushing out to upgrade to a core system.

Apple Mac Pro (Mid 2010) Review

Whether there is any benefit to 12 cores vs 8 or 6 depends exactly on what software is being used, and what tasks are being performed. See the test pages that follow. The vast majority of applications cannot even use four 4 cores effectively , let alone eight or twelve. It all depends— see the test results.

Ultimate 12 core Mac Pro Upgrade! Step by Step in 4k

Paradoxically 12 core can be slower or faster than 4 or 6 cores. A few programs do make good use of 4—6 cores, hence a hexacore system at a faster clock speed is a better choice for most users. A six-core 3. Of particular note with the 3.

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  • Apple Mac Pro (Mid ) Review.
  • This cache memory helps keep the CPU cores from going idle by caching access to main memory. The new hexacore Mac Pro has the following performance enhancements over the prior quad-core Nehalem:. Display info: Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Upgrade the memory of your Mac mini up to 64GB. Top deals pages Wishlist pages I ran the same comparison in our first Mac Pro review and came out with similar results.

    The Apple tax is there, but masked by the cheaper GPU.

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    Update 2: There's one more key difference in the specs. The Dell comes with a 3 year warranty vs. Also, as many have pointed out, Dell can offer significant discounts over the phone. Apple can offer large discounts as well if you are an educational or business customer. Where you can save a ton of money building your own however. For the most part Apple was priced identically if not cheaper than Dell and HP for both the single and dual-socket Mac Pros: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

    It seems like such a wonderful machine.

    Anand would you say getting a Mac Pro over saw a build it your own of the same caliber is worth it? I can understand if your deeply ingrained into the Apple system but for an outsider does it hold a lot of value?

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