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Also used it to plan benchwork and work out some signal and building placement.

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Hopefully you can share a little bit more the story of the demise of the Greenpoint Dock and Transfer Co. Still the only layout I've had an official ops session on, so strangely I feel some remorse at its demise! Before getting into the critique, I want to express appreciation for the fact that all of these products reflect considerable investment and thought in their development. Both RailModeller and Empire Express were a breeze to install. I do hope that the dedicated XTrackCAD team is able to eventually produce a package that Mac users can reliably implement, as the product has great potential.

RailModeller Pro

It has some weird to me workflows about it that can necessitate a bit of Googling and practice to figure out and get used to. However, it also seems to have the most robust and technically-oriented user community, including a Yahoo group where you can turn for answers to any questions you encounter. I found Empire Express to be at the opposite end of the spectrum: RailModeller is also Mac-centric and well-designed, though, with nice YouTube tutorials and a robust manual. All three packages are drag-and-drop editors with adequate components libraries track, scenic elements, etc.

XTrackCAD is probably the most comprehensive; for me, one of its most useful features is the ability to conduct simulated operations on the layout you design. I found this feature to be super-helpful in screening designs for viability—e. I also like that XTrackCAD allows you to display the track as a centerline, rails, or rails and ties, which is kind of nice.

Empire Express is definitely sufficient for most general layout planning. Fail, fail, and fail. None of these three products let you actually share or interactively collaborate on designs with other users like you could if the programs would output to a standard file format.

In fact, I only know of a couple of products—all of them on the Windows side—that provide for any file interoperability. Hopefully the NMRA standards folks will take note and help us out on that front before too long. Both seem like fine products for general layout design. I really wanted to embrace XTrackCAD, and there are things I like about it, but my experiences with it were frustrating enough that I uninstalled it.


And to rfbranch, good luck and happy designing! I heartily endorse the subject program. It was very accurate; few and very minor adjustments were required.

I required very accurate turnout drawings and was able to easily modify the catalog items for precise locations and lengths of points and throwbars. I tried the RailModeller demo but found it less intuitive than EE.

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Perhaps the latest versions have improved. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'll be taking a look at my options in the next few days.

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My kids are now 3 and almost 5, so the room off the kitchen which served as a playroom when the kids were little is slowing transforming into what can only be described as the scene of a massive toy bomb explosion. The good news is the finished basement will be well lit, carpeted, heated and generally more comfortable. The best part: I'm going to have a dedicated train room with more square footage than my original layout had.

I packaged up the rolling stock, structures, etc. This update contains a number of improvements and bug fixes, including: The latest update includes changes for GDPR, as well as some updated track libraries and bug fixes. This update includes new and updated track libraries and some bug fixes. This update includes: A new Reselect function, improvements to the baseboard assistant, more zoom options in the print dialog, enhanced functionality when editing points of line segments, polygons and baseboard borders.

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In addition this maintenance release features some bug fixes, as well as new and updated track libraries. Additional enhancements in version 6. This update improves various aspects of the app, including: This update includes minor improvements when editing baseboards and to the Clean Up assistant as well as some bug fixes. This update improves compatibility with macOS This major update introduces Community Layouts enabling you to browse layouts created and shared by members of the community for inspiration and discussion.

This maintenance update improves and extends the bundled libraries for tracks and accessories. Highlights of Version 5. Additional improvements in this release include new geometric shapes, usability improvements and bug fixes. More details on this update can be found on our website at http: Revised and improved track libraries more than bundled with the app: This update contains important bug fixes and improved compatibility with the macOS High Sierra beta.

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  • Recent changes to the app: Layout images can be directly shared from the app to your Twitter, Facebook or Flickr account with a single click. The Welcome window has been redesigned for better usability and now includes a handy link to what's new in the app. There are now 5 great sample layouts bundled with the app demonstrating various abilities.

    Additional changes in this update include general improvements and bug fixes. As always more details on the latest update are provided in our news section at http: This update enables users to customize the way grades are displayed throughout the app to cater for local preferences: Similarly to how units can be switched between metric and imperial units the grade can now be shown in Per Mille, Percentage or as a ratio. Additional changes in this update include improved handling when arranging graded track sections and bug fixes. This update adds support for baseboards and adds new or updates existing track libraries bundled with this app.

    Improves compatibility and reliability on macOS Sierra