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The recipient does not need to be running OS X Yosemite, however, as the file download link is available to any user on any platform.

Super easy way to share large files - Macintosh How To

Sending a large file or document with Mail Drop is quite simple and the process is almost entirely automated:. The download links generated from Mail Drop will remain active for 30 days and then automatically clear themselves. You can send up to 5GB this way, though keep in mind that uploading and downloading a 5GB file will take quit a while. Being on the receiving end of a Mail Drop file is simple, and works on any email app or client in any OS. In OS X Mail app, receiving a Mail Drop file either looks like a standard file attachment with an embedded file in the latest version of OS X , or, if received in prior versions of the Mac Mail app, it will show as a download link instead:.

On the iPhone Mail app or iPad , you receive a Mail Drop file as a download link, expiration date, and file size:.

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Note that if you use the remove attachment ability in Mail app for OS X, the pre-downloaded file will be removed, but the download link to Mail Drop will not be removed until it expires, anyway. Similarly, downloading the file is basically the same as downloading any other file from anywhere else online, and is limited only by the speed of your internet connection.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. I really doubt it is ever deleted. It is probably stored forever, passed around to every interested party in the world and then unencrypted if it even was in the first place , copied, dissected, anything use full pulled out, copied and passed around some more, copyrighted then used to sue the original sender, after spamming them with ads for months first.

I could not get this to work in any way and it has several drawbacks anyways, if it in sometimes happens to work.

Send large files - secure file transfer

Many people have still a limit of 10MB or even less. Try to send a 25MB file and see what happens. The problem is how to trigger it for smaller files. I tried to send an 85MB file to a client with a Gmail address. It did not trigger Mail Drop and then Google rejected it for being too large.

1. Use a VPN

Thanks for this! For example, I do a lot of helping older people with their Macs, and they love to attach several pics to send in an email.

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  8. I always have to advise them to keep it lean, for courtesy and space sakes. Does Maildrop automatically bundle up all attachments in an email into one link, or would the files need to be zipped into one file and then sent?

    Hope that helps someone: I just received an email from a client containing a link to files sent using Apple Mail drop. It open the standard Windows Open or save dialogue file window. Ahh that looks promising. I say OK and the window disappears with no indication whether or where it has saved the file.

    1. Use AirDrop

    With our Pro account you can integrate our Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site. Cancel your subscription and get a Filemail account. Do you have special needs? Submit a Support Ticket!

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    This means way higher transfer speeds than offered by other cloud services. What about Payment options? Corporate Customers with more than 10 licences may also pay by Bank Transfer. Yes indeed! Filemail Desktop supports sending folders. Security and privacy is THE top priority of our development team. You can read about how we secure your files in this whitepaper.

    Most people have more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth. You can test your speed at www. If you feel FIlemail is still slow then please let us know. You can only send to 10 users with the Free account. Send large files - secure file transfer. Use our Form Builder to customize and add your own fields to the form. How to Send Files using Filemail So easy your grandmother could do it! Boost Productivity. Filemail Desktop Send files and folders directly from your desktop or integrate it into your applications. Filemail Outlook Addin Our addin lets you send large files directly from Outlook.


    No registration required! Google Drive and Dropbox both require a few steps. Thankfully there is a super easy one step way to share a file using Message. It will pick up the contacts from your address book. The person receiving the message must have an iMessage account with Apple. If they have an iMessage account their name will go blue when you enter it like the picture above. It will turn red before you send the message.