Probleme mac disk0s2 i/o error

We'll walk you through this alternative method for installing macOS.

Possible Causes

Your Mac will shut down, but be aware you may no longer be able to boot your operating system normally any more. Your disk will be checked for errors, after which you can restart and try again.

macOS Won’t Install

Skip to the end of this article to find out more. You may also need to mount the individual volume with the diskutil mount command. With your volume mounted, you can use the command line to manually remove files with the rm command. Read More.

How to Resize Your APFS Container on macOS High Sierra - The Mac Observer

If you still have issues, you may have to face the fact that some sort of hardware fault is the cause — possibly a drive failure. It may be time to visit an Apple store or get your hands dirty by fixing it yourself. We can also try and offer some help in the comments below.

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The drive in your Macbook Pro probably has bad sectors. This means parts of the drive can't be read, which could result in data loss.

Disk Utility can't repair my drive? What to do now?

You can check this with this utility: A new Gb hard drive shouldn't cost you more than around 50 euro. Although I suggest replacing it with an SSD drive. More costly euro for GB , but it will speed up your Macbook Pro dramatically.

Disk utility repair disk error

I see it's a Mid 13" MBP. Definitely worth the SSD upgrade. I've tried the usual fixes such as safe mode won't boot , removing all peripherals, even the RAM sticks. I can't hear the drive making any grinding sounds. Is there anything else I can try to fix this?

How to Resize Your APFS Container on macOS High Sierra

Is it likely the HD has died even though Disk Repair is returning success? This is very indicative of a hardware failure, whether it be with the hard drive itself, the logic board or the SATA data cable that runs between the two. Disk Utility repairs the volume on the disk at a software level, often it will report when hard drives have a hardware failure but there are also times when it repairs correctly despite communication errors still being present. Apple Hardware Test AHT IS pretty good at giving you a solid answer but as you've found out it's no longer on your hard drive, likely lost during an old upgrade or re-install.

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